Artist Statement

The starting point and inspiration of Poèmes is a series of verses from the catalan poet Miquel Marti i Pol. Poems that reflect loss but not always sadness.
The color is used as a code to represent times, places and people left behind. Some of them are embroidered forever in our memory turning to form part of our DNA. To represent the firmness and streght of that past the cotton is mixed with the paint in the works to form a unity.

I first began to make cuts with a razor 15 years ago, shortly after reading an interview with Catalan artist, Joan Miro.  In it, he said: “I want to assassinate painting.”  That started the process and, from there, I created a series of works on canvas that involved large cuts on canvas filled with materials such as cardboard, old-t-shirts and paper.  Six years ago, I decided to explore the combination of color and destruction of the working surface, and that was the beginning of “THREADS AND COLORS – FILS I COLORS.”  
In FILS I COLORS, I always start by working with paint, make cuts on the paper or canvas, and then fill those gaps by embroidering with cotton thread.  This adds textures to the work, and is an attempt to find life and movement, and to a create a more dynamic surface.  The embroidery is meant to represent those experiences as a part of our DNA.  It is also essential that the different combinations of colors represent emotions and interpretations for each individual interacting with the works. 
I like to make people think.  For the most part, people are hooked all day to a screen that is telling them what to do, what to watch, what to buy, etc.  I want to make them think, feel, talk.  For me, each work of the series represents many things: moods, people, moments, life experiences.  I can remember the moment each was made and why I chose the particular colors I did.  You have to feel what it represents for you.

My artwork in the last four years has covered a number of series, each with a different theme, using different materials, textures and techniques.  In spite of having worked on a number of large series of paintings, none of them had more than ten paintings.  The only point of unity among the different works was a quest for discovery.
 It is true that experimentation with different materials, textures and techniques in each of the paintings has been a point of discovery and a major part of my artwork.
 My more recent objective was to pursue a work of art where I could develop a long series of pieces with the same theme.
 In October of 2007 I embarked on a series of works to realize this objective.  I started on the first paintings in the series of CIUTATS (Cities).
 The first difference of this series from that of all my previous works is the united theme, the second, most accentuated difference was the greater use of color which was typically less pronounced in previous works of the last four years.
 The major motivation for the idea behind CIUTATS was my city, Barcelona, and it's particular infrastructure, and architecture which is unique among the cities of the world and which is easily recognizable.  My personal attraction to the great cities of the world and the urban life was the remaining incentive.
 I have intended to portray the different aspects of the cities as a human creation with their different levels of physical and social existence.
 Man created the city and in turn the city has molded the actions and ideas of the human race.  I have intended to mold the city, to create my city, to put in order the urban chaos in a reduced physical space.
 Forget that the cities in which we live have been formed with asphalt, cement, human misery, forgotten revolutions, buried bones and transform them into a conglomeration of texture and color put onto the frontier of canvas and paper.